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In a 2013 interview with Glamour, Samberg, who’s famous for his musical parodies, discussed the possibility of collaborating with his future wife. “But we’ve decided ultimately that her fans would probably kill me in my sleep.So despite being such a high-profile celebrity pairing, it’s no surprise that Samberg and his wife stay out of the spotlight in their personal life as much as possible.Case in point: Newsom and Samberg got married in a secret ceremony in Big Sur in 2013, after five years of dating.Comedian and “Brooklyn 99” star Andy Samberg and musician Joanna Newsom are an extremely private couple.

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If you need proof, check out Samberg’s Instagram account, which boasts over 61,000 followers and just photo—of Andy and his band The Lonely Island—directing fans to follow The Lonely Island’s page for updates.Although they’ve been together for quite some time, they were never in a rush to have children.